Bahama Mama

My family went on a Carnival cruise from Key West to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas. We had a great time, but weather and indulgence prevented plentiful photos.


Boarding the ship.

I was impressed with the diversity in cuisine and abundance of the buffets and cafes, with any type of organic, vegetarian, kosher, or other diet considered. My giant of a brother is notorious for his ravenous hunger and specific preferences, and it became a running joke between different serving areas to toss pre-made sandwiches and snacks at him every time he walked by. He was in heaven.

unnamed (43)

Calm before the sail off party started.


unnamed (37)

Now the mixed drinks are flowing.



The Inevitable Conga Line


A nice place to sit alone for a bit.



Beautiful bright blue water crashing hypnotically against the ship balcony.


I could not bear to dismember the adorable towel animals left on our beds each day, and requested an extra folded towel to use instead.


unnamed (27)

The Atrium elevator in the center of the ship.

unnamed (24)

We spent a good deal of time in some of the night clubs, piano karaoke lounge, rock bar, and casino. I was fascinated with the Atrium, the hub of all activity in the center of the ship.


Arriving in Freeport





Nice and sunny while it lasted.


Freeport was beautiful, and we found a rowdy tropical bar on the ocean front to have mixed drinks while laughing at the drinking and dancing competitions taking place.


Picture 053

No Loafing! One of my favourite phrases.


Picture 051


Picture 054


Nassau was a bit disappointing, as it stormed heavily and time was extremely limited due to  the ship’s late arrival. Unprepared, we had one hour to spend huddled under small shelters while stranded in the straw market district, where we were relentlessly hustled for money and badgered by sales people.




My dad calls this my “Go to Hell Hat.”


Despite the latter, the entire cruise was an enjoyable experience. We relaxed in several of the hot tubs, the wade pool, and the water slide park on the upper deck. We treated ourselves to the spa and had a full body massage, then joined a few dance parties and a stand up comedy show. We slept in and met new people and had a few too many dirty martinis, but the best part was not being back at home where it was -7 F / -22 C in the middle of January!

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