Key West, Hemingway, and Little Cuba.

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” -Hemingway

We arrived in Florida very early in the morning. It was still black as night, and we had a few hours to pass before boarding the ship. I am a avid fan of all things Cuba, and Key West is filled with Cuban-inspired food, music, architecture, and dialect. I am also a fan of Ernest Hemingway, who spent a significant amount of time in the city, and left behind a legacy of special interest sites to visit.


My brother wanted his photo taken at the Sunshine State border.



We had about an hour to check out the beach before getting back on the road.




Picture 045

Street Performer in Mallory Square



Picture 056

unnamed (41)


Hemingway’s Favourite Bar, known for icy seafood and drinks.

Picture 027

Ernest Hemingway Home / Museum

Picture 026

Some enthusiastic tourists saw me taking photos


Picture 035

Wild storefront

Picture 036

Many old houses are now businesses.


unnamed (48)

Common style of residential architecture

unnamed (47)

Picture 037

Lots of nostalgic wayfaring aesthetic

Picture 016

Brilliant antique shop

I plan to return soon when I have more time to dig deeper into the influences of Cuba and take more photos when there is less rain.

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