Comic Life in Chicago

A few years ago my camera shuffled off this mortal coil and in the interim between that day and purchasing a new one, I had a lot of fun doodling little comics about the weird and goofy things that happen to me. At first they began on napkins with nice notes for strangers and waitresses, then I started leaving them in random public places.

People have tracked me down and made special requests for me to draw them, and some have framed theirs. I even received an offer for crowdfunding in order to compile some into a silly book, but let’s face it, these are no works of Giger.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Long after I obtained a new camera, I kept making the drawings, and what started as a joke became a timeless hobby. These are just a dozen or two few from the Chicago days, though I have hundreds on different subjects. You will notice there is an interlacing story of the Pigeon Mafia of Wicker Park, myself and two other mischief-making girlfriends, and a rotating cast of other characters.

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