Cirrhosis of the River

Norris, Tennessee is a small town known for its lake, marinas, state park, museums, and giant Tennessee Valley Authority dam. Norris Lake is over 200 miles long and spans six counties in East Tennessee. The Dam was created in 1933 when the federal government and TVA took on the great task to control massive flooding and to set the groundwork infrastructure to bring electricity to the area. An entire populace sacrificed their homes with the understanding that everything they knew would now be buried under miles and miles of water. Norris Lake Marina is beautiful, with bright aqua and teal water and no visible garbage or grime.

Last year my father rented a slip at the marina and transferred his pontoon, affectionately named Cirrhosis of the River, matching its party on the water reputation. He detailed it bright red with black and yellow, our family colours and German flag colours if you were wondering, and we have been enjoying quality time together on weekends. The Museum of Appalachia and the Lenoir Museum with its Rice Gristmill and Threshing Barn are all within a mile of the marina, and well worth a visit for anyone interested in frontier village and mountain life.


Standing on the dam looking over the lake


This kudzu is out of control



Beautiful rock wall and landscaping



Rock wall surrounding the water


Entrance to the marina


We nicknamed it Mermaid Lake


We call our favourite spot Rhino Cove because of the huge jagged grey rocks (not pictured, yet).



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