Chicago was the first city I fell in love with. A city often compared to Berlin, possibly even patterned after, they both share a tremendous number greenways, parks, and bodies of water.  Another similarity is a rich history in jazz, blues, vaudeville and cabaret culture, brilliant modern architecture, and layers upon layers of complex political and cultural history.

Open air exhibits and art installations can be found in every park, around every corner, and in every open space.


Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor, in Millenium Park


Our reflections standing under Cloud Gate


Agora by Magdalena Abakanowicz in Grant Park


Agora by Magdalena Abakanowicz

Printer’s Row is the first neighbourhood I spent a significant amount of time in, and although it has earned quite a reputation as of late, it felt very safe to me several years ago. I was fortunate to have a friend and bandmate with a high-rise condo overlooking the city who didn’t mind me staying around for long periods.

Picture 067

Good morning, Windy City

Picture 068

My route to the L station

Picture 066

From the living room

Picture 069

Navy Pier PTDC0060_zps8dde43afPTDC0067_zpse35adf6cPTDC0064_zps842dd4c4PTDC0076_zps436475d1




Hands down, my favourite diner anywhere. The owner also owns/runs an upscale local music venue. This man won me over with his French toast piled high with fresh strawberries and handwhipped cream. They have the best Bloody Mary’s and were the first to begin decorating and filling theirs with skewers of meat and vegetables before anyone else around.


Deep Dish pizza every fifteen feet in Wicker Park


Everything we dreamed of at Podhalanka Polish Restaurant in Pollonia, Polish Triangle.


If you ever find yourself in Naperville, there is a Snow White & the Seven Dwarves  restaurant. It took seeing it with my own eyes to believe it, but after half an hour of themed music and video sound clips on loop it all made sense. This place is real.


Picture 074

Walking home across another pretty bridge after a night out.



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