The Reformation

For our monthly foodie potluck, Eat The World, some friends and I decided on a continuation of last month’s Austro-Hungarian Mmmpire theme. We chose recipes that were a fusion of German/Austrian and Hungarian foods, and for Part II we progressed into some more Hungarian-Romanian specialties like I had while visiting Transylvania.

We started with some delicious cheeses, crackers, lecso pepper spread (similar to Slavic/Balkan avjar), and a dill pickled salad of carrots, radishes, and beets.


Pickled beets, radishes, and carrots

Our second course was my Transylvanian stew with roasted garlic polenta. This stew is essentially every cut of pork I could find (bacon, pancetta, ham, porkloin, and Hungarian sausage) fried with potatoes, carrots, onions, white pepper, and marjoram. Meanwhile, the beef roast and brisket stewed in the crock pot overnight which also made the broth. Everything went into a boil in the soup kettle, and then simmered for a while. I added white vinegar and red wine. I also made the polenta in a crock pot and it turned into bits of crisped cornbread around the edges.



Main course was my eggplant Pörkölt with J&G’s Paprikash Csirke (chicken paprikash), Blaukraut /Rotkohl (red/purple cabbage), and homemade spaetzle (noodles).



Bonus Round: Day 2
I had previously set aside some fried pork and potatoes that did not go into the stew, and made a really nice lunch the next day. I also used potatoes and bacon to make German potato salad. These items all pair together so well, and can be used in a multitude of diverse recipes.





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