Alles Gut in Bad Kötzting

My friend took me along for a road trip to Bad Kötzting, a city in Cham of Upper Bavaria near the border of the Czech Republic. It was dark already as we left München, but there was enough light from the moon, stars, and snow on the mountains to illuminate the landscape on the way.

I was amused by the 150 km (93 mph) signs posted on the Autobahn, which are more of a general suggestion than a rule.

In other words, we were going so fast I couldn’t take any photos.


Flying past the FC Bayern München Allianz Arena

Once in Bad Kötzting, we arrived at Kultur-Bahnhof Koetzting and set up for DH’s concert. KBK is literally a train station (Bahnhof) that was built in the late 1800s.

It has been renovated to support the bar, kitchen, stage, and sound system, but the rest appears to be in original form. I am impressed with the artwork on the walls and how well-preserved the space is.


We were welcomed by the super cool owner and the bar manager, who treated me to locally brewed coffee and beer. I met a friendly guy who told me entertaining stories about his home city Augsburg, and before we knew it, the place  was completely packed.

KBK is unique and hip, but also intimate and fertile ground for conversation. Guests often sit in the floor talking while others dance on or near the stage. More than a few times I was invited to dance or join in a circle, and people seemed to be quite curious about each other.

I learned that a large percentage of the guests drive there each weekend from other German and Czech cities, which explains the awesomely diverse crowd.


Outside you will see the train station shelter and original rails

As the night went on, I met more wonderful people- ladies from Turkey, Poland, and Czechia, a man from France, and others. DH enlisted me to fill the role of Merchandise Mistress, selling  albums, stickers, and t-shirts to his fans while speaking my formal non-locally dialected German and operating in a totally different currency system than I typically use. Naturally, I aced it.

I mean, I would like to think so anyways.


DH telling stories


Lindner Bräu is a local beer brewery, yum!

We were gifted with some delicious pizza Hawaii made by the staff that we finished off on the journey back to München. I am not yet sure what else there is to do in Bad Kötzting but I would love to stop in again en route to Prague.


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