Schloß Neuschwanstein and the Mad King

The Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles both sit high in the mountains over the village of Hohenschwangau in Southern Bavaria near the Austrian border.

Neuschwanstein is also known by the rest of the world as the Disney Sleeping Beauty castle. Look familiar?



Designed by and built for “Mad” King Ludwig II in the 1880s, the castle was partly to serve as his personal refuge, and partly in patronage of composer Richard Wagner.

My friend and I took a road trip to visit the castles, first driving through Murnau, Fußen, and many other towns before reaching Hohenschwangau. I was enthralled by the snowy Alps and villages we passed along the way and lazily recorded a few video clips.

We drove alongside the Alpsee and Schwansee as the Alps came into view.


I can not recall which village this is, but there were several beautiful, rustic churches and vast empty spaces in stark contrast to the Alps surrounding them.


We reached the Hohenschwangau village and its countless Gästhäuse (guest houses/lodges), restaurants, souvenir shops, and the like. I was giddy and filled with awe.


Starting point to trek up to the castles

It took maybe 20-30 minutes to climb to the top from the parking grounds.


There was a slightly comedic situation with a group of Greek tourists who insisted we were famous and asked several times to take photos of and with us. Then again, I suppose we are both known abroad 😉



Hohenschwangau Castle


Neuschwanstein Castle

After descending the mountain, we went to a nearby Greek restaurant called Poseidon. I ordered Gyros Pfanne (skillet gyro), a dish rather similar to Hungarian paprikash. DH ordered lamb and we shared some Florini (cheese-filled roasted red peppers).



Fairwell, Fairytale

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