Colcannon and Bangers

For Saint Patrick’s Day I made Colcannon, an Irish dish of cabbage, potatoes, and a whiskey sauce. Simple, quick, and classic comfort food that can be served as a celebratory meal in its own right, and before or after a night out drinking.

I serve mine like a little volcano- a mound of mash with a concave center, filled with the whiskey butter. Roasted or grilled bangers make a perfect pairing. Pictured is an Irish onion and whiskey banger that I purchased from Aldi.


Chop a small cabbage into bite size pieces and fry with freshly minced onion and garlic until everything is golden brown. You can use animal fats instead of butter if that’s how you wanna do things.

In a separate pot, boil two large potatoes.  Drain the water and use a press to mash the potatoes, skin and all, but not thoroughly. Add 1-2 ounces of heavy cream, a teaspoon of salt, black pepper as you like, then whip it all together.  This is a nice time to sample that whiskey.

Fold the cabbage into the pot of whipped potatoes and remove the pot from heat. Revisit your skillet, but turn the heat way down before adding 1/2 stick of butter (or a whole one, you do what you want) and allow it to melt. Add some Irish whiskey and let it simmer. Once the sting of booze has dissipated, turn the heat off completely.

***Disclaimer: Never add alcohol to a hot skillet.


Bonus: I found some Irish cheddar while out “doing the messages” and put together a cheeseboard.

While you’re at it, allow my friends Cutthroat Shamrock to provide a rad soundtrack.

Luck of the Irish to ya.


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