Let us go then, you and I… to Buncombe County

Asheville has always been on the back burner for me. I first went when I was 18 for some of the niche nightlife events, and I met a large community of fascinating people. Mostly I knew the city at night and as a hub for shared subcultural interests.

I spent a remarkable amount of time in my 20s driving back and forth for concerts, cabarets, and other events my friends and I performed in. Back then  most of the appeal was for the people I knew there, not the city itself. But the more I visited, the more places I found, and the longer I wanted to stay.

Last weekend I went for a tourist trip (I was not performing) and decided to write a little about it from that perspective.


Bridge Art Inception is everywhere!


My favourite mural so far

You should know that I am an absolute sucker for literary booze joints. The Crow & Quill is my favourite spot in Asheville, owned by a lovely friend who hosts themed parties and art+maker nights each week. C&Q also hosts live music and serves all the fancy cocktails dreams are made of. Dreams of Gorey, Poe, and Lovecraft, in a sea of three hundred whiskeys.


I stole this photo from a Google Search because I have not had the chance to take my own photos yet 🙂

If you want to get your fix during the day time, visit Battery Park Book Exchange, order yourself a glass of wine or beer, and let your yellow smoke rub its muzzle on the window-panes with your favourite  book. Dobro Tea is my favourite tea house, with a lovely environment all around.

Asheville has a lot of interesting art installations, which I will be seeking out more in the future.


Giant Flat Iron Sculpture just across from the historic Flat Iron Building


Awesome sculpture on the corner of Patton and Otis, at the Improvements for Energy building


Basilica of Saint Lawrence

I was pretty excited to see Highland Brewing Company, Troy & Sons, and Sierra Nevada.



Sierra Nevada has a yum new Sidecar brew. Of course we got it. I even managed to tone down the German accent a bit when ordering a Kellerweis.


Patio / Meadow of Sierra Nevada with live music


I am about this great wood and iron work around Highland.


Cool stage in the meadow. My friends played music.

Check out Skunk Ruckus!



The view I’m used to

I have to mention Favilla’s balsamic chicken pizza, and the beignets & Hey Lucy! omelette I had at Another Cracked Egg. Photos next time…


Asheville Pinball Museum! Blurry 😦


A little shopping. I like to call this my What Would Neil Diamond Do? shawl.

This restlessness with my current city could be greatly satiated if I relocated to Asheville, I’m sure, but it remains on the back burner.  Even with the hyperinflation of rent and sprawling suburbs, the ever-lingering wafts of body odor and patchouli, and the blur of buskers that almost sound as good as that one band they remind me of. I really love it.


This little bird on my friend’s porch was quite disgruntled. I feel the same when I have to leave Asheville!




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