Asamkirche of Munich

The Asamkirche is Munich’s most unique church. Known formally as the church of St. Johann Nepomuk, this tiny late Baroque gem was built by the brothers Cosmas and Egid Asam over the period of thirteen years.

For this entry I chose Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” for obvious reasons.

Before the brothers began building in 1733, they demolished two of their four neighbouring family houses and built the church for private use between the remaining two houses.


Asamkirche is only about 72 x 26 feet of space but has two stories, seven confessionals, and is unbelievably ornate.


I have a thing for gold rococo and skulls so I really adore this place. As you enter the foyer you will find several skeletons and cherubs battling it out to the right, and there are countless other gold rococo figures and sculptures throughout the church.



Cosmas Asam painted his piece titled “Life of Saint Nepomuk” on the ceiling. Egid, the sculptor, modeled most of the figures.


The two brothers designed, painted, sculpted, and hand crafted every detail in this church together in perfect synergy. That is, until Egid’s tragic death in 1739.


Due to incessant pressure from the public, Cosmas was forced to open the doors of their private sanctuary to the public to use as a place of worship.


During the war, it took a massive hit from a bomb but was restored in the 1970s.

Here is a short video I took on my old phone:


Check out this stunning 360 Panorama video for a closer look:

You can find the Asamkirche near Sendlingertor, on Sendlingerstraße, but it is a bit difficult to spot at first because it blends right into the Asamhaus and other Baroque homes on the street.

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