Cove Lake State Park

Cove Lake State Park is one of Tennessee’s 12 State Parks and is located in Caryville, less than 30 miles north of Knoxville. The land may be ancient, but its man-made lake is the result of the Caryville Dam project back in the 1930s. Nearly 700 acres on Eastern side of Cumberland Mountains were acquired…

Cumberland Gap, a Day in the Pines

When I was very little, I vaguely but fondly remember going to Cumberland Gap with my mom. We were on our way to visit relatives somewhere and I don’t remember much except the Iron Furnace, wading across the waterfall, and the tiny condensed town. My song for this entry is Thou’s cover of the infamous…

Devouring Savannah

“Hand me my swish” is a real sentence that actually came out of my mouth the other night.

I, just a little tipsy, was referring to the ever-evolving boozy concoction I had been sipping throughout the evening, enjoying that fleeting sense of rebellious freedom one finds in drinking alcohol in a city that permits open containers in public.