Weird Science in the Secret City

During the Manhattan Project, workers were sanctioned into communities. Each had its own town square where residents at respective plants could purchase their food…because of this, Oak Ridge lacks a central downtown area, but has many clusters of interesting places instead. 

Jeder Einmal in Berlin

Berlin is the city that makes my heart skip a beat. The buildings and streets define and narrate my lifelong obsession with my ancestral home (Germany) and its history like an interactive storybook. First, Berlin was the cultural center of the Weimar Republic era (between WWI and WWII) when the painters, filmmakers, musicians, architects, scientists,…

Northern Ireland and the Real Westeros

A short trip through Northern Ireland from Belfast up to the Giant’s Causeway has many attractions along the way; many that were used as filming locations for the series Game of Thrones. Not having watched it, I was still just as thrilled as the next person to visit these beautiful landmarks. I know the series’…

The Beasts of Odeonsplatz

One particularly foggy night in München required Adolf Hitler to take the train home instead of a car. It was November 1939, and an anti-Nazi activist named George Elser had planted a bomb. Hitler was giving a speech that night but it was abruptly cut short in order for him to catch the train. He left just minutes before the bomb went off.