Venerate Your Dead

Hi friends, I am proud to report that I have finally put a little muscle into one of my other blogs after a long period of dormancy. It is published and public, but still in progress. Venerate Your Dead is a death-positive ode to ancestor veneration rituals and spirit festivals around the globe, with a focus…

Haywood County Hops; a Brew Tour

Boojum was a mystical 9 feet tall creature covered in grey hair. Half mountain man and half Sasquatch-like beast, he liked to drink his home brew, hang out in caves with his woman, and roam around collecting sparkly things which he was known to stash all across the Smokies.

Red Right Hand; the Makings of Russian Borsch

Eastern Europe, diverse as it is, has a hundred variations for every dish it offers. Borsch, for example. During my time in Russia, I did not find a single menu that failed to tempt me with my favourite stew Борщ, the notorious stew most non-Slavs do not quite understand. Борщ- those four letters which translate…

Weird Science in the Secret City

During the Manhattan Project, workers were sanctioned into communities. Each had its own town square where residents at respective plants could purchase their food…because of this, Oak Ridge lacks a central downtown area, but has many clusters of interesting places instead.