Boston’s Downtown District; Lobster Rolls & Faneuil Hall

As it may become obvious with these upcoming blogs, I really, really love Boston. I have been a couple times now and I can not wait to go back and explore even more of its neighbourhoods in-depth. Boston played a huge role in early American history from the moment pilgrims arrived in Plymouth Rock and…

God’s Acres and the Moravian Village of Historic Bethabara Park

Moravians bury their dead in uniform grid patterns under flat, square, white marble gravestones. You will not find any headstones, monuments, or mausoleums in a God’s Acre.

Instead of grouping bodies together by familial bonds, they are divided and buried according to their sex and age at time of death. The intent is to express that in death all people are equal before God, and should spend the afterlife accordingly. Under that logic, I am not sure why they bother to divide the bodies at all.