Jersey Devil Lunchdate

During a layover in Jersey City I had lunch with Jordan, one of my best friends who lives a convenient distance away in Queens.


We walked through State Liberty Park along the river to Ellis Island, gazed at the Statue of Liberty, and paid respects to the Empty Sky Memorial.



Ellis Island Bridge




Statue of Liberty



Empty Sky Memorial



Empty Sky Memorial

For lunch we went to City Diner and split both the open-faced corned beef and pastrami Reuben, and the infamous Jersey Devil Melt. This delicious croissant is loaded with spicy deviled egg salad, cheddar cheese, and New Jersey’s pride and joy, Taylor Ham. Also known simply as “pork roll,” it is a lot like thinly sliced bologna that is browned and slightly crisp on both sides. Miles better than spam and grocery bologna, yet not quite ham either.


We got coffee at a lovely place down the street and did some people watching. I had never been on that side of the river but found it very endearing. Not too shabby for a couple hours’ layover!

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