St. Munditia & Catholic Tinder

“The Body of Saint Munditia Martyr”  is etched in gold Latin letters across the glass tomb which holds the matron saint of single, unmarried women.

Superstition has it that single women who pay a visit, and a few Euros, to Saint Munditia will soon find true love.


Our new friend Tom explained to us that as this goes on, single men hide around the corner and watch it all go down.

Once they figure out which ladies are looking for love, they soon make their moves. “It’s the Catholic version of Tinder,” he says.


If you are a woman visiting alone, do not be surprised if an elderly person visibly drops a coin in, or smiles and winks at you to let you know they are cheering you on.

Inside the Alter Peter (Peterskirche) in Munich, Germany you can find Saint Munditia lounging attentively, gracefully, and completely bedazzled in gems.

She is believed to have been martyred back in 310 AD and is buried with a small vial of her own blood for remembrance. There is also a feast and a mass held in her honour each year.


Peterskirche, also known as Alter Peter (Old Peter), is Roman Catholic church that was built in the early 1200s.


It is full of beautifully carved walls, Rococo gold, and thousands of cherished works of art.



I found a clip on Youtube that someone recorded during a service with a nice representation of the space:



For the best view of Munich, climb 300 stairs inside the church to the top of Peterskirche’s viewing deck. You can see the deck just below the upper clock in this photo:

Image result for peterskirche munich

Photo shared from

Beware if you have Vertigo and/or mild Claustrophobia like me. These stairs are tiny and uneven, the passage is narrow, and handrails are not always present.

Certain places have gaps underneath where you could easily end your life, and people are quickly passing in opposite directions through a space meant for one.

I might suggest going early in the morning or during the off season instead of lunchtime on a weekend. We learned this the hard way.


On clear days, you can see as far as the Alps. I especially enjoyed this view of the Neues Rathaus, just across Marienplatz.


A young Russian kid had been freaking out the entire climb up, yelling hysterically with his fists in the air. He was absolutely delighted to reach the deck and had me laughing so hard that I soon forgot my stress.



Back on solid ground, we were ready for lunch. Follow me to Viktualienmarkt, and wish me luck on finding the One!

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