Grave Digger & Monster Jam Mania at Digger’s Dungeon

My younger brother is a monster truck maniac and I have taken him to few jams over the years. Not my thing, but I am always trying to come up with ideas and find events that make him happy. Recently he asked me to take him to a monster truck museum called Digger’s Dungeon, but after doing some research I learned that it was almost nine hours away.


I told him that I am super busy and I can’t miss work to drive NINE HOURS to visit a monster truck museum. I told him to look for places closer to home, as a consolation. Nine hours… no way.

Anyways, here we are at Digger’s Dungeon.


First and foremost, this museum is all about Grave Digger. The concept of this world famous monster truck came from the mind of driver Dennis Anderson in the early 80s, and soon he built this shop.

Originally Grave Digger sported this red pickup body that was upgraded to a large block engine.


Grave Digger transformed into a blue and grey body for a while, before donning its trademark black and neon graveyard scene we know it as today.

Dennis’ children KrystenAdam, and Ryan started driving as far back as 2005 and have won many awards of their own. In 2017, Grave Digger celebrated its 35th birthday! Read more about Grave Digger’s history here.


At the museum, you can visit the gift shop to buy shirts, die cast models, stickers, hats, mugs, and other Grave Digger and Monster Jam memorabilia. The walls are lined with awards, trophies, news and magazine articles, plaques, and informative posters about Grave Digger’s celebrated history.

Check out the garage next door to see various truck body frames and wheels, machinery used to work on the bodies, and even more awards and articles.


Typically there are a few different ongoing projects in the garage. Staff is more than happy to talk about what they are working on, but if you want to know the real scoop, ask the kid in the gift shop. You will know him when you see him, and he is a wealth of info.

Several other well-known monster trucks like the Dragon are set up outside. Grave Digger is the most famous monster truck worldwide but everyone was freaking out over the Dragon.


OBX Monster Truck Rides is onsite and for just $10 you can blast around this obstacle course in the back of one of the monster trucks.


We rode in this Kraken replica that has been converted for six passengers. Truck availability varies and they have some unpredictable hours of operation, so be sure to call or reserve your ticket first.


There is a kiddie monster truck ride for the littles and a petting zoo for all ages.


Both Digger’s Diner and a snack shop with outdoor seating are part of the complex, but the diner was not open (despite the sign) when we visited.


Visit the gift shop, check out the museum, enter the petting zoo, and pose with the monster trucks for free. Plus you are near the beach, so make a day of it.


In the area for a while? Since we did, in fact, drive all the way out here, we turned our visit to Digger’s Dungeon into a tour of the Outer Banks. Follow us to Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head!

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